Mixed Methods Perspektiven der Analyse digitaler Fotopraktiken Jugendlicher im Kulturvergleich

This talk focuses on the methodological approach of a transcultural research project examining practices of visual communication and group constitution among young people living in Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur and Vienna. Qualitative methods of visual analysis (documentary method) and social network research (qualitative network charts) were combined to gain deeper insights into the constitution of intimacy. 

In opposition to sequential exploratory Mixed Methods Designs to intermediate qualitative  and quantitative approaches, and Conversion Design, which asks for reorganizing qualitative data into quantitative data, we used parallel mixed methods as a fully integrated, embedded design (Dominguez & Hollstein 2014) in order to validate data continuously. Moreover the complementary design ensured deeper understanding of different visual and textual material, in order to understand and/or eliminate discrepancies.